Trego Lake District Annual Meeting

Hello, Trego Lakers!
The annual meeting of the Trego Lake District is on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 9 am at the Trego Town Hall.  The Agenda for this meeting is attached.  Please come!
The proposed Budget for the next fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2016 to Sept. 30, 2017) is also attached.
Both of these things will also come to you via snail mail, as required by the law that governs the District.
You will see that there are four Board positions to be filled at this meeting.  Three Board terms are expiring, and there is one vacancy to be filled for an unexpired term.  Please consider whether you would be a good fit for one of these spots.  The Board of Commissioners of the District run the District’s affairs between Annual Meetings, within the parameters of the authority that the Annual Meeting has granted.  The Board meets four times a year, always on Saturday mornings at the Trego Town Hall.  The meetings are usually in August, October, January and April.  The Board has seven members; five are elected by the District membership; one is appointed by the Trego Town Board; and, one is appointed by the Washburn County Board.
Who can vote at the Annual Meeting?  All persons who are named as owners on a title to a property located within the District are voters, as are all persons who have their residence at a property in the District (renters).
As I write this, the long-anticipated dredging of the upper lake is on track to be accomplished in the last week of May and the first two weeks of June.  This is a major event for the District.  This dredging has been discussed and planned for 25 years, and was one of the motivating factors for the creation of the District. We still need some additional volunteers for the dredging project.  If you would like to try to help out, please send an email back to me, and I will send you the invite.  We are doing the signups through a website.
There will not be a District Picnic this summer, as the Board decided a few years ago to hold them only every other year.  So, next summer!
Leslie Frost Recording Secretary Trego Lake

Trego Lake District Quarterly Meeting

Jan. 2016 TLD Bd minutes draft

Dredging project budget

2015-16 MidYr Status and Budget

TLD Apr 2016 mtg notice and agenda

Opening Bids for Dredging Project

The District has published ads soliciting bids for the dredging work that is planned for next summer.

Trego Lake District Quarterly Meeting

Trego Lake District Meeting Notice

 Quarterly Meeting – Summer 2015


Call to order

Minutes last board meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Committee Reports

    • Weed Harvest
    • Water Quality
    • Lake Celebration
    • Buoys, Public Landing, Pier
    • Sedimentation

National Park Service

Citizen comments


National Park Service Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Recruitment Event on June 25, 6-8pm at the Namekagon visitor center. This event will be focused on informing the public on how they can get involved with the National Park Service and the Namekagon River through various events, volunteering, internships, or at home. Everyone is invited.

Trego Clean-Up Days

Every year Trego residents are invited to grab all the stuff that can’t go into garbage cans. You know, computer monitors, old tv’s, tires, rusty bedsprings and musty mattresses. Bring them to the Town Hall parking lot on Saturday, August 15 from 8 to 5 or Sunday, August 16 from 8 to noon and they will magically disappear.

There is a charge for some things — like tires — so bring money. Sorry. No paint or hazardous material.

Trego Lake Celebration

Details coming.

Trego Lake District Quarterly Meeting

All are welcome at the Trego Lake District meeting.